Shift Up Podcast: Talking over the industry’s role in grassroots cycling advocacy with QBP

The latest Shift Up Podcast drills down into the detail of a new community grant offered by US distributor QBP, which if you’re a bike dealer in the states, could help fund grassroots cycling initiatives in your local area.

Designed to grow ridership in the most disadvantaged areas, QBP’s Vendor Sales Manager Kim Marek explains: “We talked to our dealers and suppliers and asked, what if we created a grant that is only accessible to retailers that are truly partnering to create initiatives to get new butts on bikes? We identified four avenues to pursue with the funding; increasing ridership among diverse and under served populations; youth ridership; bicycle infrastructure and educational programs. These we felt were the best routes to grow ridership.”

Launched at Frostbike, the distributor managed to raise $36,000 in matched funding, with 20 supplier contributions. Having already received 56 applications, QBP plans to grow the scheme next year to further grow the pie.

Producer Arleigh Greenwald says of the discussion: “This was a very fitting episode to record after the Vista Outdoors special episode as it is very much focused on brands, dealers, and a distributor focused on paying it forward and putting their money back into getting more people on bikes.”

Marek adds: “We realise that the only way this industry is going to be sustainable is if we get more people involved; that’s children, diverse populations, that’s creating infrastructure in non rider friendly places. It’s also education, it’s all of those things that eliminate barriers to ridership.”

The deadline to register for the distributor’s grant is March 12th, so make sure to listen to this episode to hear learn the details and visit to apply.

Hit play below to hear more about the grant’s goals and availability.