Stan’s Dart an instant sell out, says Paligap

Paligap has branded the new Stan’s Dart product an “instant sell out”, with retailers said to have quickly taken to the tyre plugging product.

With the next shipment due at the end of November, those who got their hands on the Dart are among the lucky ones; Paligap told CI.N that IBD’s who have signed up to carry Stan’s have on average increased sales of tubeless products by 59%. Over 250 UK stores are said to carry the brand, with a number of those signed up to the wheel programme.

“This is testament to the design and innovation of Stan’s NoTubes products and their design engineers, that they (Stan’s NoTubes) develop products to work in everyday scenarios and don’t just add certain product categories to try and capitalise on market trends, they remain true innovators and this has been reflected on the take up of the DART,” said the Stan’s NoTubes Brand Manager at Paligap.

The DART uses a patented feather coated dart with a special chemical that reacts with the sealant to repair the damage in milliseconds. Designed and tested across a broad range of terrain in the United States, the Dart is said to be suitable for all types of riders.

“Back orders are now being taken on the next shipment and, judging by how the DART has been received by IBDs, I am confident that this will sell out very quickly too,” added the Paligap spokesperson.