Stan’s NoTubes introduces DART Tool & Refill kit

Stan’s NoTubes has introduced the DART (Dual Action Repair for Tubeless) to repair tubeless tyre punctures through reacting with Stan’s tyre sealant to fill the puncture and create an airtight bond with the tyre.

The ‘Dual Action’ aspect involves the use of both mechanical and chemical sealing; a barbed tip with special material anchors into the tyre and fills the puncture, while a safe compound reacts with Stan’s sealant to complete the job. DART’s patent-pending ability to react with latex sealant make it more effective than traditional tyre plugs, Stan’s NoTubes claims.

The DART’s laser-cut material is flexible and able to contour to the shapes of different punctures in an attempt to maximise surface area to increase the sealing reaction. The plug doesn’t require trimming once inserted, meaning excess material won’t get in the way while riding.

Other features of the DART tool include a specifically calibrated rod to insert plugs to the correct length, rapid deployment and strong, lightweight moulded plastic handle to help precise placement.

A complete DART tool, including two loaded DARTs, weighs 15 grams. The DART Tool (MSRP $25) and refill (MSRP $20) will be available for purchase in late October, and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Hayley Everett

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