Swedish Government to offer €37 million co-funding for e-bike growth

Set out in the Swedish Government’s budget bill for 2018 is a segment relating to electric bikes, within which a €37 million proposal to co-fund e-bike and e-moped sales is found.

Coming as part of a wider 5 billion SEK package to bolster the country’s efforts to reduce pollution and slow climate change the funding is hoped to create jobs and rethink transport priority.

Investments in green transport are to include funds for solar cell, charging post for e-vehicles and a pot to incentivise electric bicycle uptake.

“Our generation should be able to hand over a society to our children where the major environmental problems are solved and where the cities should be living and healthy growing environments. There is a lot to be done to it – it has been under invested for sustainable development for too long, “said spokesperson Isabella Lövin.

The Budget Bill is based on an agreement between the Government and the Left Party. A video (in Swedish) detailing the plan can be viewed here.