Bickerton Bikes pilots hub drives on new builds

Bickerton Bikes has added new spec options to its Pilot and Argent builds, for the first time adding hub geared options.

Having been asked for hub-geared options for the mainland European markets, director Mark Bickerton explained: “We’ll see the new Pilot land in the UK from October to November, while our updated spec on the Argent will feature in the Benelux region over the same period.”

On lower end models like the €699 Junction, Bickerton has added the option to have a cream wall Kenda tyre, something that “completely changes the aesthetic,” according to the label.

The Argent is to benefit from a Nexus seven-speed hub, with the building now tipping the scales at 14.1kg and costing €849.

Meanwhile, the 16″ wheeled Pilot 1507 Country also introduces a Nexus Seven hub, yet sits at a very competitive €699, making it one of the cheaper options in the market without a derailleur.