Tax on bike sales passed in Oregon

Legislation has passed in Oregon that will see a $15 sales tax applied to bike sales sold for over $200 and with wheels larger than 26-inches.

Said to be for the benefit of active travel transportation projects, the estimated $1.2 million set to be raised should, in theory, see new cycling trails and footpaths laid. Costing $100,000 to administer, the funding will go to the Connect Oregon Program.

Retailers are set to be burdened with a new quarterly return detailing their sales and legislators request that records are to be kept for five years.

Bike Portland details the history of the legislation and how it came to be, outlining that initially the figure was to total 4-5% of the sales value until a flat fee amendment was made.

Retailers are advised that the tax should go into effect by October 8th, if the legislative session ends today (July 10th) as expected.

BikePortland suggests that, while taxing a healthy and eco-friendly transportation mode is ludicrous, local riders may now at least be able to counter the notion that cyclists don’t pay their fair share.