Bobike returns to the Greyville stable

Having previously held the label, Bobike has now returned to Greyville after a four year absence.

Already well established in the UK, the brand has changed owners since it last featured in Greyville’s portfolio, but remains a popular choice for family cycling.

Offering front and rear seats for children aged nine months to five years the Bobike line also extends to offer helmets, windscreens and accessories.

Greyville’s managing director Alan Pritchard stated he had worked hard to convince Polisport that Greyville were their best choice of partner for the UK and when the final decision was made he had a big smile all day.

“Bobike is just a great addition to the Greyville product range and we intend to work hard to ensure ongoing success,” said Pritchard.

Bobikes’ export manager Paulo Gomes played a leading role in the appointment of Greyville as the UK distributor and said: “We at Polisport took some time to carefully consider who we would appoint as our partner in UK, but Greyville’s enthusiasm for the Bobike brand and past experience really impressed us. We are very confident that Greyville will continue to grow our share of the UK child seat market and look forward to a long term successful relationship.”

Full details will shortly be available on the Greyville website and the distributor expects to have stock available for distribution to the trade before Easter.