Tern upgrades Vektron folding e-Bike range

Urban mobility specialist Tern has announced it will be upgrading its Vektron folding e-Bike range. The changes will include updates to the frame, components and new colour options whilst maintaining a similar price point.

Launched in 2017, the award-winning Vektron is able to fold in ten seconds whilst still delivering the ride quality of a large-wheeled e-Bike. It is able to fold to go on to trains, buses or even under a desk, making it the perfect commuter friendly option.

Josh Hon, Tern’s Team Captain said; “We’re constantly listening to our dealers and riders, and we’re committed to making changes based on that feedback”. He continued, “Those who live in hillier areas have asked for a Vektron with a more powerful motor to tackle even the steepest hills. The new Vektron retains its super compact size and superior riding characteristics but adds the improvements that everybody wants.”

The new range includes the Vektron S10, which now features a Bosch Performance Line motor that provides support with up to 65 Nm of torque, and improved pedal assistance of up to 300%. In addition, the Vektron Q9 and P7i have been upgraded and now feature a Bosch Active Line Plus motor.

The Vektron allows for the rider to carry a child or cargo as a result of its stable frame and maximum gross vehicle weight of 120kg. Furthermore, the mounted rear rack carries up to 28kg and further allows for the e-Bike to stand in a vertical position when folded, making for easier rolling and storage.

The stiff Vektron frame has also been updated for easier battery port access, as requested by Tern riders. It is worth noting that the frame has passed strict European safety standards for pedal-assist e-Bikes, having been certified as EN15194-compliant by EFBE Prüftechnik GmbH, one of Europe’s leading bicycle testing labs.

The new models not only come with upgraded specs and colours, but they are also available with little adjustment to the original price of previous models. The new range includes the Vektron Q9 where prices start at €3099, the Vektron P7i at €3299, and the Vektron S10 which starts at €3599. However, this may differ in other European countries.

“A big upgrade to motor, frame, and components normally translates into higher prices,” said Hon. “But we’re getting some economies of scale and we’re happy to pass these along to our customers.”

Shipping to the EU and other European markets will begin in Q4 of 2020.

Earlier this year saw Tern’s electric cargo bike, the Tern GSD, undergo upgrades to its spec sheet and its versatility options.