Two of SRAM’s six co-founders announce next chapter

Two of SRAM’s original six co-founders – Mike Mercuri and Jeff Shupe – have announced changes to their roles with the company.

Mike Mercuri (Merc) will be stepping down from his full time Executive Vice President role June 1. He was elected to SRAM’s Board of Directors at the January 2017 meeting. In addition to being on the Board, Merc will serve as an ambassador to the dealer community and developing a better understanding of how SRAM can support its dealerbase. Merc served as Vice President of Product for 15 years before transitioning to EVP last July. He hands off the reigns of product development to Ron Ritzler and Sander Rigney.

Jeff Shupe, SRAM’s COO, will be retiring June 1. Jeff was instrumental in establishing SRAM’s global manufacturing network. He’ll be taking some time off with to travel with his family before setting his next course. Jeff’s relationships within the industry are legendary, and we will be following his next adventures with enthusiasm. A new COO will be announced in the coming weeks as the formal search nears conclusion.

Both Merc and Jeff are original founders at SRAM, celebrating their 30th year with the company this fall.

In addition to Merc and Jeff, SRAM’s General Manager of Asia, Hank Kao, will be transitioning to Senior Consultant in Asia. Hank’s industry knowledge, network of contacts and influencers will keep SRAM well advised. Hank is celebrating 28 years at SRAM.

Bob Chen, who is currently the head of SRAM’s Asia Development Center, will assume Hank Kao’s role of General Manager Asia.

Started in 1987 with Grip Shift, SRAM now employs over 3,500 around the globe.