Velo claims “first breakthrough in saddle foam tech in 35 years” with AirFoam

Bike industry saddle giant Velo has developed a new foam which it says offers significant advantages over traditional EVA and Polyurethane.

Producing north of 15 million of the industry’s saddles annually, the brand touts this as the first major breakthrough in padding in 35 years.

“Saddle foam has been a constant for almost 35 years,” said Ann Chen, Velo’s marketing manager. “In past years, we have focused on designing new structures to house the existing foam, and have greatly improved how a saddle fits. The padding is one of the first things a customer checks on when buying a saddle, but it’s almost unchanged in every model out there. This innovation will be a big step forward for the whole industry.”

AirFoam, says Velo, offers improvements in rebound, durabilitiy and heat dissipation, as well as having an all round softer feel than EVA. The material’s construction makes it less likely to “bottom out” on harsher terrain and in testing temperatures.

It is expected that the foam will initially feature in the brand’s Senso and Angel saddles from next year, as well as being carried in its new ‘Year of the Rooster’ saddle.