Velorution partners Fat Llama for try before you buy e-Bike rental

London urban cycling specialist Velorution has entered into a partnership with Fat Llama to offer its customers ‘try before you buy’ e-Bike rental.

Customers can simply go to the store, complete a quick verification on their phone, powered by Fat Llama and walk away with the latest in electric bike technology.

An example of the e-Bike rental would be the GoCycle GS, which is available to rent for £30 a day. This rate gets cheaper the longer you rent the bike for. Renting these bikes allows customers to see for themselves the improvements they can make to daily life and the work commute. If the customer then purchases a bike within 30 days of the rental, the rental fee is refunded against the cost of the bike.

Jonathan Cole, CEO of Velorution bikes, told CI.N: “One in every two bikes sold in Holland are electric compared to one in every hundred in the UK. Allowing people to rent these bikes for a low cost ensures that more people are experiencing and talking about the multitude of benefits that these bikes have to offer. Partnering with Fat Llama ensures that borrowers can get verified to rent these expensive bikes in under a minute. We’re very excited to see where this takes us”.

Velorution has four stores in London at Marylebone, Islington, Chelsea and Hackney London Fields. The e-Bike rental service is being trialed at the firm’s Hackney location and will be rolled out to all locations over the next few weeks.