Visor covers that degrade at the same speed as a leaf hit the market

A new start up dubbed Visor Leaf has come to market with a new visor cover product with a 100% biodegradable formula.

Often seen littering trail centres, the removable plastic visor covers for the most part don’t break down at all, meaning the litter will remain there until picked up, or worse embedded in the soil for good.

Made using natural materials, Visor Leaf’s product claims to break down at the same speed as a typical leaf. What’s more, the product is UK made and the zip-lock packaging is also recyclable.

The firm is looking to develop its range of compatibility and is interested in hearing from potential customers and partners, who can now make contact here. At present Oakley Airbrake and 2000 compatible tear offs, as well as 100% tear offs are available in sachets, starting at £4.25 for a ten pack. Packets of 100 are also on offer.