Ward Grootjans targets Europe with new mobile mechanic business

A new mobile mechanic business set up by Ward Grootjans has launched under the Go Bike Service banner.

Grootjans was hired in August of 2016 to lead Velofix’s European expansion, but has now branched out to create Go Bike Service, a business which is officially open for business from Saturday 21st of April, making first introductions in tandem with Canyon Bicycles’ Pure Cycling Festival in Koblenz.

Grootjans said: “We want to once and for all provide all levels of cyclists the diverse service and delivery needs they demand. Customers are able to choose when, where and what kind of service they need – their preferred dates and specific needs are accommodated, and can be easily booked through our state of the art software, or reserved by phone.”

Like its competitors, Go Bike Service will offer delivery and set up of bike brands choosing to sell direct to consumer, including professional bike fit services where desired.

Rather than competing with bike shops, Grootjans is extending his business to partner with shops who require a helping hand, as well as to trade folk who may be considering going mobile.

The Frankfurt area and Germany are merely the starting points for growing Europe-wide offerings, we’re told.

France and the Benelux countries are following shortly. According to Grootjans, ‘’We want to expand our network quickly, and look forward to partners from all over Europe who want to benefit from and be a part of the Go Bike Service Team.’’