WBIA re-elect president Erhard Büchel and discuss Covid-19

The annual General Assembly for the World Bicycle Industry Association (WBIA) which took place virtually on 30 September, has announced the re-election of its current president Erhard Büchel. The General Assembly also discussed the impact of the coronavirus crisis on sales and production at global levels as well as the WBIA work at the United Nations in Geneva.

 WBIA members include CONEBI (Europe), People for Bikes (USA), Bicycle Association Japan, Taiwan Bicycle Association TBA, All India Cycle Manufacturers Association AICMA, the Bicycle and Motorcycle Industry Association of Russia – NADBM and the Industry association of Mexico ANAFABI.

The General Assembly agreed that the WBIA administration office will continue to be managed by the CONEBI department in 2021 and Mr. Erhard Büchel will continue his work as President. In addition, the General Assembly also discussed the impact Covid-19 on sales and production within the industry.

It was noted that whilst Covid-19 initially negatively effected the cycling industry, this has been overturned by a growth in sales in each country represented by the WBIA Members. Governments across the globe have introduced initiatives and began to promote cycling and walking as effective and greener means of transport and online sales have increased significantly due to lockdown measures.

Earlier this year saw the WBIA co-author the United Nations report Transport Trends and Economics 2018-2019: Mobility as a Service (MaaS). The report was presented to Transport Ministers from all over the world during the United Nations 2020 Inland Transport Committee (ITC) in February. The report included an entire chapter about the role of bike-sharing schemes.

Future international regulations are also a priority for the WBIA as it plans to have ongoing discussions with the Automotive industry on technical requirements to fit cars, buses and trucks with detection devices to avoid dooring accidents with cyclists, Blind Spot Information Systems and automatic braking in conditions of Vulnerable Road Users proximity under certain speed limits.