Welcome to the CIN Podcast!

Here at CIN, we have officially launched our very own trade-focused podcast!

For our first episode we wanted to keep things light and easy-going, having a general chat with brands and distributors about what they’ve got in the works for 2019.

Attending COREbike last month, we had lots of great conversations with people, including; Tim Fry from MRP, Silas Hesterberg of Deity Components, Windwave’s Dan Jones and Clement Bonneau from Moustache Bikes.

Here’s a snippet from the podcast revealing some of what MRP have been working on for 2019:

Tim Fry: “We’re really focused on trying to make a product that allows people to better enjoy their passion for cycling. We’re seeing people put a coil shock on a bike that was designed for an air shock, and you’re getting that top end feel that you want, that beginning part of the stroke you want, but as you get in to the travel the bike is just not performing the way it’s designed to perform.

“So the Progressive Spring is designed to allow more people to be able to get that full stroke performance that they’re looking for. And that’s, again, been another fun project to get to market. It’s just gone into production in the last couple of months, and we’re starting to get a few of them out there…”

To hear the rest of what Tim has to say, alongside the in-depth interviews with the rest of our guests, then listen to the full podcast now via the link below, or to the right of the website…



Focused solely on the trade, we will be inviting industry players, special guests (and just about anyone with an opinion) to talk about all the goings-on in the bike business. Fancy getting in touch with a topic you want discussed, or have something to say yourself? Then contact a member of the CIN team:

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