Yamaha introduces updated flagship model PW-X2 & sportive PW-ST

Yamaha Motor has introduced its updated flagship model PW-X2 and sportive PW-ST, alongside enhancing the ride experience of all its drive systems with a new Quad Sensor System and Automatic Support Mode technologies.

According to Yamaha, the updated PW-X2 offers ‘the next step’ in powerful support, based on the same technical data but with a 50% higher power delivery than its predecessor.

Four sensors inside the motor housing, coupled with finely tuned algorithms for the drive control, result in higher sensibility to the rider’s input. The Quad Sensor System uses an angle sensor to detect the bike’s angle of climb or descent, as well as ride speed, crank rotation and pedalling torque sensors.

Responsiveness of the drive system has also improved with the integration of the new Quad system and Automatic Support Mode.

To give product managers freedom in terms of battery positioning and capacity choice, as well as various display options, all of Yamaha’s ‘Multi-Location’, ‘Down Tube’ and ‘Rear Carrier’ batteries can be combined with the PW-X2 drive unit.

A variety of displays with connectivity to mobile devices means riders can enjoy multiple features, including: ride management, fitness tracking and map based navigation through compatible applications such as Komoot or Wellfit.

For 2020, Yamaha has also updated its runner up system, the PWseries ST drive system which also features the new Quad Sensor System and latest technologies seen in the PW-X2. This model weighs 100g less than the previous model, and also offers a broader assist range to accommodate high cadence pedalling.

The Automatic Support Mode for the PWseries ST selects the right amount of assist power based on riding conditions (eg. starting from a stop, accelerating, braking or climbing a hill), meaning a more inexperienced rider can leave ride mode changes to the system and focus on shifting and braking.

To complete its range of drive systems, Yamaha is also offering its PWseries TE drive system for city commuters, to provide ‘effortless comfort and a stable ride’ in urban traffic. This mid-level drive system has been the first to come equipped with Quad Sensor System and Automatic Support Mode in 2019 already.

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