Yellow Jersey tunes up insurance packages for independent shops and mechanics

Specialist cycling business insurer Yellow Jersey has come to market with new tailored packages for both shops and standalone mechanics.

Promising to beat a shop’s renewal price by 10%, the bike shop specific package meets the needs of the modern business well, offering extended coverage for bike hire, loan and demo, as well as professional indemnity.

Ryan Georgiades at Yellow Jersey told CI.N: “We recognise the changing needs of the bicycle shop, many of whom increasingly need to offer experiential services in order to drive footfall. With that comes new demands on the business, which in many cases may not be covered by less refined existing policies.”

Mechanics are likewise covered by a fine tuned three tier offering, said to start at £300. As attested to by CI.N’s Independent Retail Channel Study, business here is booming, we’re told.

“We have been surprised at the volume of standalone mechanics coming through the market seeking coverage,” adds Georgiades. “Lot’s seem to be going it alone as in a bid to capture the workshop market lately.”

The three tiers on offer for mechanics offering varying levels of cover for everything from stock carriage, liability insurance, business interruption, computer equipment and plenty more. Bike fitters are recommended to look at level two and three cover.

You can find out more about the available cover online at, or by calling 0333 003 0046.