£129 billion of spend destined for leisure activity in 2018, says Mintel

Some £129 billion in consumer spend will go on leisure activities in 2018, new research from Mintel suggests.

As Spring gets underway the research giant indicates that adults are increasingly inclined to spend their cash on experiences ranging assault courses designed for adults right through to days out cycling.

Today’s data further flags that the trajectory of spend has risen by 17% in the past five years as young adults spend less on often expensive nights out and move their interest towards daytime fun. By 2022 it is anticipated that British leisure spend will further grow to £141 billion annually.

Headlining the release, Mintel suggests that adults are particularly keen to reconnect with their childhood with a surge in interest in active recreation like trampoline parks and outdoor assault courses.

Helen Fricker, Associate Director Leisure, said: “More adults are taking part in activities that are traditionally aimed at children. There has been a rise in trampolining parks and ball pits that cater to adults. Other kids’ party favourites, such as bouncy castles and slides, are also getting the grown-up treatment. This includes adults-only inflatable assault courses, accompanied by craft beer, DJs and street food markets. Whether it’s trampolining, outdoor assault courses or escape room challenges, there is a clear drive towards activities which are more active in nature.

“Understandably, an outdoor assault course is not going to appeal to everyone as they generally require a good level of physical fitness and have a reputation for not being for the faint-hearted. However, the rise in their popularity amongst Millennials is reflective of how health and fitness have become almost a status symbol,” Fricker adds.

Some 30% of UK adults and 48% of Millennials have taken part in some form of leisure activity in the past year, with the majority suggesting they are spending more on these activities.