Messingschlager invests in doubling warehousing capacity

Design, manufacture and distribution giant Messingschlager has invested in a new building that will double the capacity of its warehousing just years after a similar development.

Set to be fully operational by the end of 2019, UK area sales manager Iain Pollitt-Walmsley told CI.N: “At present our warehouse is 14,000 square meters with a max height of 18 meters, and has over 20,000 storage locations.”

Messingschlager began expanding significantly around seven years ago with the construction of its high-bay warehouse, based at the headquarters in Baunach. Having refined the plot over the years the firm began work to replicate the warehouse at the start of Q4 this year.

“Right next to the existing complex will be another building of the same size. In addition, the goods receipt area is doubled. As in 2012, the accumulated overburden will be sensibly used on the site and the bike park will not be sacrificed, but expanded again. The new logistics area should be ready for use in early 2020 and further shorten our delivery times,” the firm added.

Boasting Europe’s largest stock of parts and accessories, Messingschlager acts as a hub for brands and external distributors with stock able to be rapidly sourced from Asia, the U.S. and Europe.

An overview of the work in progress can be seen here.

For UK businesses looking to work with Messingschlager, Iain is contactable via +44 (0) 7543 983050, or