3T acquires THM Carbones GmbH

Set for completion in August cycling parts maker 3T has acquired THM Carbones GmbH of Germany.

The deal is set to provide 3T with enhanced technical capability and the THM label worldwide distribution.

THM produces high-performance gear including cranksets, forks and braking gear, with the process completed start to finish in the Alt Duvenstedt facility.

The arrangement will see THM continue to focus on making its world-leading components in Germany, while 3T will ensure those products can reach the end consumer anywhere in the world more easily. Furthermore, 3T will provide THM with greater resources to develop new products. THM’s technical team will also be involved in 3T’s new product development.

Announcing the deal, Rene Wiertz, CEO and co-owner of 3T, says: “I am very happy we came to an agreement. I have great admiration for what Thomas and Petra have achieved with THM, and I say that also as a very satisfied customer of their products. With THM making the lightest possible components and 3T focusing on aerodynamics, it’s a perfect fit. Together we can create a company with a global reach and unrivaled technical capability. Our products are complementary: THM makes the world’s best and lightest cranks and brakes, 3T makes most of the other parts of the bike”.

Once completed, THM’s Mertin will focus on the technical development, whereas Wiertz takes on the CEO role for both 3T and THM.

Gerard Vroomen, co-owner of 3T added: “I’ve known Thomas for a long time and always admired not only his products but also his whole outlook on technology, business and the bike industry. I look forward to work closely with him, René and the people at both companies to create an exciting future.”

THM founder Thomas Mertin concludes: “This is a great opportunity for THM. The agreement with 3T gives us a global distribution network to expand our brand. THM has a clear roadmap to deliver top-notch products, manufactured in Germany. With 3T’ backing and commercial strength, we will be able to focus even more on the technical side and leave sales and distribution to the experts at 3T.”