EU Cyclists Federation tips over 80 member associations with new recruits

Announced at the annual general meeting of the European Cyclists’ Federation, three new member associations have joined – representing input from Bosnia and Herzegrovia, Greece and Poland.

Now comprised of a family of over 80 European cycling organisations from 40 countries, the ECF has been actively growing its partnerships in order to gather more data and best practice examples of growing cycling’s share in Europe.

The three new members are:

Municipal Association of Bicycle Tourism Circle Relaxation – Poland

A non-profit from the East of the country, this association has 30 active members documenting, supporting and promoting cycling, as well as organising tours for cyclists in the territory.

Cycling Escape of Pieria, Greece

Hailing from Northern Greece, this association has over 100 active members, each with a common goal to promote urban mobility and active travel. The group also participates in primary and secondary school cycling education, providing invaluable feedback on how to get kids engaged in cycling.

Center for Environment, Bosnia and Herzegrovia

Founded in 1999, the Center for Environment has 60 activists on its books who are actively engaged in sustainable development and decision making.

Also decided upon at the meet was the ECF board, whose members you can now find here.