9point8 200mm dropper goes to production

Having used 2015’s Interbike to put out a feeler for what is bound to be the market’s longest travel production dropper post, 9Point8 is to go ahead with its 200mm offering.

If you’ve a taller rider who may be wanting to lay their hands on more height, there’s currently a waiting list for the 8″ mechanical DropLoc post. The post works by applying a mechanical brake, stopping the post without the need to circulate large amounts of hydraulic fluid. The result, say the maker, is a lighter more reliable post.

What’s more, the range is built around a spring actuated mechanical lock, so even if air pressure were to be lost, the post would still lock in any position.

Further lowering the weight, titanium hardware features at the saddle rail clamp. A Black-Ti coating provides anti-galling, anti-seize performance. All of the brand’s engineering, they say, results in a “no weight limit” on its posts.

Retail price has been set at $483.00 and both left and right hand lever versions are to be available, as well as 30.9 and 31.6 diameters. A 34.9 width will also shortly feature for those few bikes now offering the wider standard.