Amsterdam’s elects Anna Luten as ‘Bicycle Mayor’

Anna Luten has been elected as Amsterdam’s Bicycle Mayor as part of an initiative by cycling catalyst NGO CycleSpace.

Voted in by both citizens and public authorities, Luten will act not only as an advocate of cycling in the city, but as an integral part of CycleSpace’s program to improve cities globally, as well as positioning Amsterdam as an exemplary leader worldwide. The new position is independent from local Government, but will be working closely alongside authorities to report back on citizens’ concerns and hopes.

Acting as a go between for cyclists, community groups and city hall, citizens are invited to make contact if they have ideas of their own. The program ultimately aims to create a network of ‘city catalysts’ who are passionate about moving all aspects of cycling from the fringes of discussion to the main table.

Cyclespace is further looking to establish ‘Mayors’ in other European cities and is calling for nominations here.