Andrew Dodd departs for new off road media challenge editor Andrew Dodd has announced he will soon leave the mountain bike specialist portal to take on a new challenge in the off road bike media.

Working alongside a pool of contributors, Dodd built the portal up to the point where it became a rider favourite for unique insights with athletes and industry personalities, as well as a go to source for in-depth and long-term bike reviews.

“I’m immensely proud of the content platform I’ve built up, which is based on genuinely great and unique content, and has brilliant photography. The site is continuing with work from those contributors, as well as Matt Reeves doing social media stuff,” Dodd told CyclingIndustry.News.

Contributors to the site include Ruby and Chris Davison; Tony Williams; Sandy Plenty; Adam Wight and Ben Ripley. will continue to produce content, Dodd confirmed, though a new editor is yet to be appointed.

Dodd will reveal the details of his next move in the bike media world in the coming days, but hints “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!”