APPCG becomes All Party Parliamentary Group for Cycling and Walking

The APPCG (All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group) has officially renamed as the All Party Parliamentary Group for Cycling and Walking to reflect the ‘active travel’ umbrella term increasingly used at governmental and campaigning level.

In a statement, the all party group emphasised that cycling and walking groups often have similar concerns, similar objectives, similar audiences and similar messages – and that continuing to run a ‘standalone cycling group’ could appear anachronistic and detached from current debate.

Cycling is expected to remain the core focus of the group, but it will be “active as appropriate on wide active travel issues, particularly when they complement the cycling agenda and/or when our support and involvement is sought by other groups addressing active travel issues”.

The group said it believed it would be helpful to adopt a name that indicates greater alignment to the thinking of key stakeholder groups and to the content of much of the debate.

The group came to the decision to rename back in October, but with an election called before it was ready to make the announcement, it was decided to wait until after Parliament had returned before making the news public.

A new Committee has now been elected:

Co-Chair Ruth Cadbury Lab
Co-Chair Flick Drummond Con
Secretary Matt Western Lab
Vice-Chair Feryal Clark Lab
Vice-Chair Virginia Crosbie Con
Vice-Chair Layla Moran Lib Dem
Vice-Chair Lord Young of Norwood Green Lab
Treasurer Fabian Hamilton Lab
Officer Baroness Barker Lib Dem
Officer Anneliese Dodds Lab
Officer Lillian Greenwood Lab
Officer Meg Hillier Lab
Officer Rachael Maskell Lab
Officer Lord Russell of Liverpool Crossbench
Officer Daniel Zeichner Lab
Patron Ben Bradshaw Lab
Patron Lord Berkeley Lab
Patron Lord Young of Cookham Con

CI.N put together a cycling advocacy podcast at one of the group’s meetings in 2019 (which you can listen to here).