APPCG meets to discuss how to cut cycle theft

The All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group (APPCG) is tackling cycle theft in a meeting at the House of Commons today.

Several speakers have been lined up to discuss how to cut down on this statistically significant problem. 50% of all bike owners have had a bike stolen, according to a national crime survey made by Bike register.

Bicycle thefts account for 2% of all police recorded crime across England and Wales, with a whopping 96,210 crimes reported (between September 2017 to August 2018). The average recorded loss value is £409.23 per bicycle. Police data indicates that only 3% of stolen bicycles have been recovered. The meeting is set to uncover more cycle theft data and outline what can be done to overturn the trend.

While likely to focus on cycle thefts affecting consumers, bike robberies are a serious problem across the cycle industry, with multiple bike shops hit by thieves. CIN has been and will continue to collate these bike shop break-in stories.

Made up of MPs across the political spectrum, the APPCG’s vision is to get more people cycling in the UK, more often, using their roles in Parliament to promote all forms of cycling. The group recently met to discuss and highlight a recent study by Public Health England that provides further evidence that more cycling and walking provides physical and mental health benefits for individuals, communities and the UK’s health care system.