On Your Bike – London Bridge hit with aggravated theft

Staff at On Your Bike’s London Bridge store faced down four thieves in a case of aggravated theft yesterday (Tuesday 18 March 2019).

According to reports, members of staff were assaulted as the assailants attempted to get away with a number of Bromptons. The team managed to fend off the attackers, who got away with only one Brompton – an S2L Black Edition Gloss Black.

CCTV of the criminals, who came armed with bolt cutters, have been passed to the police, together with gloves which may include DNA traces.

On Your Bike is making other shops and the general cycling public aware of the theft and warning that anyone being offered the stolen S2L Black Brompton should be aware it is stolen goods.

The four assailants were described as male, black and in the 15-20 age range, all wearing black clothing.

The bike shop break-in reports that CIN regularly receives tend to take place once the shop in question is closed, nevertheless the instances of thefts impacting on cycle dealers remain a serious problem for the cycle industry and for shops already facing difficult retail headwinds.