Automated chain “performance system” Flaér launches

Flaér, a cycling-specific sister brand to lubrication specialists ScottOiler, has launched today at Eurobike.

Coming to market with a unique solution to chain lubrication, the label has introduced the Revo Via – a device that automatically applies a pre-determined dose of lubrication at preset intervals.

Claiming to offer gains of up to 12 watts, the label benefits from over 30 years’ experience working in chain lubrication and are one of only six companies in the world to be dual branded with BMW.

The brand say of the product: “The Revo Via applies microdoses of our specially developed fluid to the chain at set time intervals while you ride, so no matter what the conditions, your chain remains perfectly optimised – all the time.”

A Revo Via system will retail at £250, inc VAT and additional fluid top ups start from £6 for 125ml. Revive and Guard top up formulas are also available at £10 for a 750ml measure, or £30 for 5 litres. A Di2 tubing kit or bottle cage extender allow the system to adapt at £8.50 a piece.