Beeline Bikes to provide Amazon’s bicycle buyers free on-site assembly

U.S. mobile mechanic business Beeline Bikes has announced that it has linked with Amazon to provide bike buying customers with free on-site assembly.

“Our goal at Beeline is to make cycling more accessible by offering a convenient, professional service to our customers,” said Pete Buhl, CEO and co-founder at Beeline Bikes. “More and more consumers are becoming comfortable purchasing online. With that mindset, Beeline ensures that consumers are able to ride a professionally-assembled, tuned, and safe bike – bringing together the best aspects of brick-and-mortar bike shops and direct-to-consumer online shopping within the bike industry.”

Any Amazon customer who purchases a bicycle of $500 or more has the option to enlist Beeline Bikes’ assembly services at no extra cost.

Also signed up with North America’s Accell Group, as well as Competitive Cyclist, the deals will rapidly expand the mobile business’s workload across a broad demographic of bicycle buying customers.

“Beeline’s network of mobile bike shops is quickly growing in many markets by collaborating with local bike shops who are adding ‘mobile’ to their traditional brick-and-mortar presence,” said Buhl. “As bicycle brands and bicycle consumers go increasingly online, ‘mobile’ and ‘service’ will become the cornerstones of the industry.”