Bergamont reveals 2020 range highlights

Bergamont has unveiled its 2020 range highlights, which are primed and ready to hit the road for the upcoming season.

E-Cargville LJ 70

The E-Cargoville LJ 70 is Bergamonts new e-cargobike aimed at providing fast and non-polluting urban transportation in cities.

The 70x45cm loading bay has a maximum payload of 90kg and a max system weight of 220kg. Complete with a option to mount a second battery, the cargo bike is a long-term option for getting around, while the cargo-specific drivetrain, equipped with Bosch Cargo Line Drive Unit and enviolo internal hub offers greater reliability.

The E-Cargoville features Bergamont’s Power Dome Concept; the integral part of the cargo bike platform which integrates the steering mechanism, the battery and the cable management. Meanwhile, the modular chassis concept two-part fram with adaptable motor mount allows the model range to be extended on a single platform with different motor options.

This model also has accessories to accompany it, such as a kids’ rain canopy, bamboo baggage box, kids’ bench and box cover.

E-Cargoville Bakery

The versatile load distribution of the E-Cargoville Bakery’s fixed carrier system makes it easy for anyone to transport cargo from A to B.

The ergonomic and dynamic frame design features a wide step-through area and a low centre of gravity. For an optimal and individual fit, it is available in two frame sizes. The drive train consists of a reliable Bosch Performance Line drive unit and a continuously variable internal hub by enviolo.


The new Grandurance platform has lost nothing of its previous versatility, which is actually increased by the introduction of the e-bike version, according to Bergamont.

With the introduction of a motorised version, the new Grandurance generation opens its next chapter in gravel design history. The fork’s distinctive colour scheme, part of the Grandurance DNA, has been carried over to underline the clear dedication to the brand’s heritage.

The bike is equipped with gravel- specific Shimano GRX components, accompanied by a Fazua motor in which the integrated freewheel decouples the engine from the transmission and you can reach peak speeds on your own, without having to pedal against the engine.

E-Horizon FS

With the further development of Bergamont’s revolutionary Universal Chassis Concept the brand is attempting to set benchmarks in terms of comfort, ergonomics, handling and safety.

The bike’s integrated Bosch drive unit in its latest iteration, combined with a balanced 100/ 80 mm suspension setup guarantees a smooth ride, while the unisex geometry features a low standover height and low-slung top tube.

To allow a full range of movement for the rear suspension the brand designed a special part that enabled it to cut the fender above the main frame while fully retaining its protective function. The Universal Chassis Concept can be adapted to a wide range of use and can be fitted with different motor and battery technologies.

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