Exposure Lights gears up for Eurobike 2020 range launch

As the cycle trade gears up for the yearly trip to Friedrichshafen, Exposure Lights has been busy devising pioneering enhancements for its 2020 range, to be officially launched at Eurobike…

Positioned on the edge of West Sussex’s South Downs Way National Park, Exposure Lights prides itself on being British made, designed, engineered and tested. In line with this, the lighting brand will be launching its latest innovations at this year’s Eurobike show, with ground-breaking upgrades present throughout the range.

Using the latest LEDs and power supply, the 2020 range has seen major refinements in circuitry and programming to provide riders with the right lumen output or beam pattern for specific terrains and surfaces. These innovations include an upgrade on the Reflex+, where integrating temperature and motion sensors has seen its lumen output
increased, while the Strada range has been newly-equipped with a rebalanced road-specific beam pattern.
As the cycle trade gears up for the yearly trip to Friedrichshafen,
Exposure Lights has been busy devising pioneering enhancements
for its 2020 range, to be officially launched at Eurobike…


Exposure’s Reflex+ has been upgraded with lumen outputs increased to the highest levels whilst maintaining the same burn times and programmes in the four lights featuring the technology (Six Pack, Maxx D, Toro and Race). Reflex++ uses a combination of the latest 3D digital accelerometers, gyroscopes and two thermistors to measure a rider’s speed, acceleration and deceleration, alongside determining the temperature at the head and rear of the
light unit.

The speed of the bike generates different air flows over the light which in turn quickly changes the temperature of the light. These changes are accurately monitored to tell the light if it is travelling faster or slower; if fast, lumen output is increased, and vice versa. The change is automatic, meaning there is no button that has to be manually pressed while on the move.

Reflex++ also creates its own Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the rider, meaning that the boosted lumen output is always produced at that riders’ highest speed and guaranteeing the selected burn times on display.


Reflex++ boost to 5,000 lumens
Reflex++ boost to 3,600 lumens
Reflex++ boost to 3,100 lumens
Reflex++ boost to 2,100 lumens


The 2020 Strada range features the newly rebalanced dual lens system, designed to deliver the optimum beam pattern for road cycling. The key benefit of this system is that it enables a rider to dip the beam’s output with the press of a remote control button, therefore ensuring oncoming traffic isn’t dazzled while still providing the rider with ample light so they can see where they are going.

The spot beam is used to throw light way ahead to illuminate the road surface and spot any hazards, such as potholes, while the spread beam enables the rider to track that hazard all the way to the wheel without it disappearing into shadow as it nears.

The spread beam is designed to disperse light so the rider can see everything from the curb to oncoming traffic. The head design features side illumination cutaways to provide over 180 degrees spread, making sure riders can be seen side-on at junctions.

The Strada also features DayBright flash pattern for use in the daylight, which can be used upside down with no disadvantage to the beam pattern.


Strada Super Bright
1,500 lumens
Strada Race Sport
1,200 lumens
Strada Super Light
900 lumens

Be one of the first to see the latest upgrades to Exposure Lights’ 2020 range on stand A2-304 at Eurobike show in Friedrichshafen, taking place 4-7 September 2019.


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