The Bike Club partner with Bikeability Trust to expand access for young riders

Kids bike subscription service, The Bike Club, have announced a new partnership with the Bikeability Trust to expand access to both high-quality bikes and training for young riders.

This new partnership will mean that everyone undertaking Bikeability training will now have access to a Bike Club subscription at a discounted rate. The Bike Club will also promote the availability of local Bikeability training to all existing and prospective members. Additionally, the partnership will include a number of joint initiatives, such as competitions, campaigns, events, and awards.

Alexandra Rico-Lloyd, co-founder of the Bike Club said: ’We are delighted to announce our exciting partnership with the Bikeability Trust. At the Bike Club we know just how much joy our members get from the life-long skill of being able to cycle competently.’

‘’As demonstrated by the Department for Transport’s recent Summer of Cycling and Walking proposal, there is a real opportunity to make cycling more accessible to thousands of children across the UK. Not only by increasing awareness of the fantastic Bikeability training, but by widening access to high quality bikes. The Bikeability Trust and the Bike Club share a common goal of enabling more children to enjoy the many benefits of cycling with confidence – and we can’t wait to get started.’

Emily Cherry, Executive Director at The Bikeability Trust, said: “We’re so excited to announce our partnership with the Bike Club. A roadworthy bike is essential for children during their Bikeability cycle training and beyond, and we know that inability to access bicycles is a huge barrier to participation.

‘’This partnership will enable more children to enjoy the life skill of cycling and it is another step towards our vision to train 5 million children to cycle by 2025.”