BikePlus to host first UK bike share conference on October 4th and 5th

BikePlus is set to host the UK’s first share scheme conference on October 4th and 5th.

Set for St. Aldate’s in Oxford, the event will host live speakers, data sharing and discuss the findings of BikePlus’s Shared Electric Bike Programme, among other things.

With share schemes around the globe delivering varying levels of success, it’s more important than ever to understand the best practice methods, technology and potential to turn a profit from such schemes. As calculated by CyclingIndustry.News in July, those who invest well can see significant financial and social returns.

In the UK there are currently 17 public bike share schemes, with 18,000 bikes and 138,000 users on-street and another 1,000 bikes at rail stations, and new schemes being added in places like Cardiff and Brighton all the time.

Even bike retailers are getting in on the act with impressive results.

Speakers for the October conference include:

  • Lucy Yu, Head, Innovation and Mobility as a Service, Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles,
  • Kristen Camareno North American Bike Share Association
  • Dan Sherwood, Santander Cycles

For more details on the event and registration, head here.