BikeRoar webinar to talk monetising the workshop with NBDA and BBI

A BikeRoar webinar, planned for March 22nd at 8pm GMT, will discuss in detail methods to monetise the service and repair aspects of the bicycle business.

Drawing on the knowledge of NBDA exec director Todd Grant and Steven Elmes of the Barnett Bicycle Institute, the Webinar will touch on everything from your in store service menus, right through a plethora of workshop strategy points.

Anthony Morrow, BikeRoar’s online marketing and content strategist, told CI.N: “The interactive workshop/webinar will explore why the service and repair experience of bikes shops is critical to their success, and offer specific tips and strategies bike shops can execute to maximize the impact. Participants will be part of the live video discussion, slide presentation, and can communicate their thoughts and questions in real time.”

I: Few bike shops today can survive on retail margins alone. The NBDA says that at the most successful bike shops, maintenance and repair make up nearly twice the amount of the total revenue – at about 11.4% – than it does at the average bike shop. Survival requires good product and service throughout the store, and success will be most influenced by the service counter.

II. Review the primary functions of the service desk and consider: Is your shop even doing all of these? Who in the store does them? How well?

III: Your service staff and mechanics: Helping them perform better – behind the counter and in front of it with customers.

IV: Tips and tweaks to get more out of the service area – function and aesthetics.

V: Leveraging your service center: how to advertise it and get value for it.

Should you wish to tune in, retailers are asked to register in advance here.