Bollé Brands announce launch of new B2B platform

Eyewear and head protection group Bollé Brands has announced the launch of its new B2B platform.

Peter Smith, Bollé Brands Executive Chairman said: “We strive to provide our retailers with optimal conditions so they can offer our end consumers the best possible experience”.

“We have invested massively in a new ERP system, the next natural step was to provide a professional and user-friendly B2B platform”, he adds.

With digitalization of the group in mind, the website was launched successfully this summer and is monitored by the brands newly recruited Digital team. The website was designed to facilitate the order process for retailers, sports shops and opticians whilst also being ergonomic, performant and user friendly.

Michael Sakellaris, Bollé Brands Vice President Sales said: “Our priority was to deliver the highest quality of service possible for our business partners”

“We have collected their feedback all along the development process to make sure that the platform we created would be perfectly aligned with their needs.”

The website was launched consecutively in Europe and in the USA. In addition to facilitating the order process with clear product descriptions and intuitive order tools, the B2B platform offers administrative features to allow for easy tracking of the invoicing process or the shipment.

“The first feedback we received are exclusively positive. It’s a great achievement and we are determined to keep this trend for the upcoming months!” said Sakellaris.