Bosch secures domain at $1 million cost

A domain name company has turned an incredibly large profit on a February 2018 purchase of the portal, apparently selling to Robert Bosch GmbH for north of $1 million.

Australian trade portal The Latz Report spotted the transaction pop up on Domain news Site DNJournal, which reported Legendary Names Inc, the buyer three years ago paid round $71,938. That represents an eye-watering 1,400% return for three years of sitting on their hands.

The sale was managed by the Buckley Media Group brokerage, with CEO Kate Buckley personally managing the deal, which is said to be one of the top five largest domain sales of the year.

Ms Buckley told the domain portal: “ was created in 1998 and purchased by my client,Legendary Names, Inc., at auction in 2018. They approached Buckley Media after receiving several unsolicited offers to acquire the domain name. Legendary Names researched brokerages who were known for achieving legendary results with domain names and ultimately signed with Buckley Media.”

“Developing the sales and marketing outreach on was a lot of fun. Particularly since others in the industry kept telling me it was too generic to sell for more than low six figures, and that I was crazy for sticking to my guns at seven figures. Nothing I love more than a good challenge. I believed in eBike from the beginning—it is truly the future of mobility, and in the future will be worth eight figures, if not more. Bosch had the vision to understand this in spades, and were the perfect end user for this valuable category-killer domain name. I look forward to seeing it put to its best and highest utility.”

The domain already redirects to the motor and battery maker’s existing portal.