Bosch plans to set up separate e-bike division in 2020

Bosch has announced plans to set up a separate e-bike division in response to continually strong growth in the e-bike segment.

The company revealed the plans in its full annual report for 2018 as part of its strategy to expand its business activities into adjacent areas. Since launching its first drive systems for bikes in 2010, Bosch said it has “achieved this with the e-bike.”

In the report, the firm confirmed it will set up the e-bike division at the beginning of 2020.

Bosch said: “The operations we started in the field of e-bikes and motorised two-wheelers just a few years ago are doing very well. Where electromobility and automated driving are concerned, we have an established portfolio, and expect to see considerable growth in the years ahead.

“We are also working on the electrification of commercial vehicles. Our product portfolio covers the entire range of possible applications: from 36-volt drive units for cargo bikes, to electric motors for light commercial vehicles such as the German Post Office’s StreetScooters.”

This new division will become part of the ‘Mobility Solutions’ sector, which is the biggest business sector of the Bosch Group.

Overall in 2018 the company saw €78.5 billion in sales revenue and sold 52 million web-enabled products throughout the year. It boasts roughly 410,000 associates worldwide, with 68,700 of those in research and development.

Bosch also said in the report: “It is important for us to act both economically and responsibly, for the good of society and the environment. We want to play our part in climate action by making our use of electricity and other forms of energy CO2-neutral starting in 2020. To achieve this, we will also be significantly expanding our energy-efficiency measures over the next few years.”

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