Bosch takeover of COBI completes with no changes to workforces

Announced back in September, Bosch’s proposed takeover of connected cycling brand COBI has completed.

As a result of the takeover, COBI GmbH has become a 100% subsidiary of the Bosch Group. The headquarters of the company shall remain in Frankfurt am Main. The COBI brand and products will be retained and the workforce will remain unchanged.

“The expertise, technology and experience that COBI brings to the table are the perfect ingredients for developing mobility solutions of the future”, explains Claus Fleischer, Business Manager of Bosch e-Bike Systems.

Both sides have agreed not to disclose the purchase price of the transaction.

The pairing sets in motion a path toward the development of more “smart bicycles” and will pave the way for the launch of more digital and networked services and products onto the market.

In addition to an aftermarket product for e-bikes and conventional bicycles, COBI has thus far developed a technology platform consisting of an app, cloud, development kit and embedded software.

“We have expanded our portfolio to include COBI products and can now offer customers the option of choosing between on-board computers and smartphone based-solutions. Bosch will be presenting offers for networked e-bikes and bicycles in the near future“, explains Fleischer.

Both companies will continue their respective digital offensives. Bosch will continue to develop its Nyon computer, which this year added current maps, new features for route planning, altitude preview and energy consumption as well as an improved display of the rider’s performance.

COBI is focusing on adapting its products to allow smartphones to be used as a central control, infotainment and display solution. The existing product range will remain available. Products already in the pipeline or those presented at Eurobike 2017 such as the COBI eAir are being developed as planned. COBI’s platform has previously laid claim to racking up one of the bike industry’s most successful Kickstarter campaigns.

“The takeover of COBI will create synergies and allow us to develop a product range for different target groups in the best way possible. Digitally networked bicycles and e-Bikes are an essential ingredient for mobility of the future”, concludes Fleischer.