Bosch’s ABS for e-bikes will be available by year end

By the end of 2018, Bosch’s anti-lock braking system for e-bikes will be available on selected models.

As seen on the Cycle Show test track and launched earlier this year, the ABS system is pitched as the market’s first. It prevents the front wheel from locking up and limits the lifting of the rear wheels, thanks to the intelligent system. It reduces braking distance and the risk of crashing and rollover, according to Bosch, which adds that almost of pedelec accidents could be avoided through the use of ABS. And the number of accidents with severe injuries could be reduced further.

Bosch has taken space at this week’s motorbike-focused EICMA in Milan (where Ducati is launching its latest e-MTB), where it is showing an e-cargo bike and e-cargo tricycle to display its tech. EICMA will also see Bosch launch its surround sensing technologies, already seen in the car sector, into the motorcycle market.

The firm said its two-wheeler and powersports business is on course for growth this year, with sales forecast to grow 20% compared to 2017.