Brits spending more locally as lockdown continues

More than half (55%) of Brits are choosing to buy locally and support independent businesses during the Covid-19 lockdown, according to stats from credit card provider Barclaycard.

In the short term, the lockdown has forced significant changes in spending behaviour, but there are suggestions new longer-term habits are starting to form and not just in terms of retail.

Perhaps obviously, specialist food and drink stores were found to have the biggest increase (80%) in the period. Meanwhile, Barclaycard said that ‘specialist retailers’ had seen a 15% increase in spending in the latter weeks of March (16-22). Online purchases have risen too, as have digital content and subscription spend (17.4%).

It seems there is a consensus that online spend has grown, With Amazon-linked e-commerce agency Melody reckoning 92% of UK adults have changed their shopping habits due to the pandemic, spending more cash (and time) online.

While the lockdown continues, more calls have been made for measures to make cycling and walking easier – like temporary bike lanes – and to continue them when the lockdown is eased or over. Shopping habits, working practices and many other aspects of ‘normal life’ are expected by pundits to change.