Scotland sees significant uplift in people cycling since distancing introduced

Parts of Scotland have seen big increases in the number of people cycling since the Covid-19 lockdown was put in place.

According to stats from Cycling Scotland, gathered from a network of 60 automatic cycle counters across the country, the likes of Dumfries have seen a 29% rise compared with the same period last year. Some of the increases have been huge – Dundee has seen a 94% uplift while Dunfermline was up a whopping 215%.

The automatic counters are managed by Cycling Scotland and funded by Transport Scotland to monitor cycling rates across Scotland as part of the National Monitoring Framework. The biggest increases include:

  • Dunfermline: 215%
  • Newton Mearns (Capelrig Burn): 121%
  • Dundee (Arbroath Road): 94%
  • Livingston: 66%
  • Denny: 53%
  • Bathgate: 51%
  • Kirkcaldy: 30%
  • Dumfries (Cargenbridge): 29%
  • Dunoon: 17%
  • Helensburgh: 16%

The stats were gathered in mid-April.

Chief Executive of Cycling Scotland, Keith Irving, said: “Many people are rediscovering cycling during lockdown, for exercise or essential journeys. I hope people continue to cycle when we emerge from this crisis and carry on benefiting from the massive positive impact cycling has on our physical and mental health.

“We would strongly urge anyone getting out on their bike to follow current public health advice, especially on social distancing and hygiene. It’s also more important than ever to obey the speed limit, drive to the conditions and give space to people cycling or walking, when driving.

“There are many brilliant organisations offering access to bikes for NHS and other key workers at the moment and we hope this can keep making a difference for people in the weeks to come.”