Bryton firmware upgrade allows Di2 users real-time gearing information on the handlebar

Bryton Sport has released a firmware update that creates compatibility between Bryton’s top cycling GPS computers and Shimano’s Di2 cycling component groups: Dura-Ace 9070, Ultegra 6870 Di2 and Ultegra 6770 E-tube road shifting.

The firmware update allows all Rider 530 and 330 users to view in real-time on the device display screens: gear ratios, gear combo, rear gear, front gear and Di2 battery level. Cyclists will still be able to view other common data on their 530 and 330 device screens, such as distance, speed, altitude, heart rate, cadence and other stats.

President and Founder of Bryton Sport Samuel Wang said, “This partnership with Shimano and advancement in Bryton technology culminates to serve serious athletes and racers better than ever. It further secures our position as a leader in the global and U.S. cycling GPS computer markets, as we offer truly unrivaled products at unmatched prices that riders and racers can actually afford, much unlike our paling competitors.”

The Rider 530 and 330 software update also brings several performance improvements, including faster Bluetooth data transfer speed for recording and post-ride stat analysis. This faster data transfer update will prove supremely useful in a few months, when Bryton releases another Rider 530 and 330 update that will provide Di2 data recording and incredibly in-depth post-ride data analysis to users through the proprietary Bryton App and other popular third party websites, such as

The next update will also allow road riders to use the hidden buttons on their Di2 shifting levers to remotely flip through data pages on their Rider devices, without having to lift their hands off the handlebars for added safety and ease of use.

Rider 530 and 330 users can update the devices’ software in two ways: Data Sync via Wifi, or the Bryton Update Tool. After a rider connects their Rider 530 or 330 to a computer, they can use the Bryton Update Tool, which is located on Bryton’s website, to launch the Bryton App and finish the software update.