Cardigo bike goes for full body workout with extended reach top tube

A new patent-pending bicycle concept is looking to further add to the cardiovascular benefits of cycling with a wacky design that “unlocks the full body workout potential of the bicycle”.

With a top tube that extends by by 10 inches as the rider pedals, the Cardigo system starts off like any other rigid bicycle until a bolt in the top tube is loosened freeing up a mechanism that enables the rider to perform a horizontal pull up of sorts while cycling.

“Why be constrained to using the lower portion of your body when you could be getting a full body workout. This motion not only gives resistance to help you get the workout you were looking for, but it also propels the bicycle forwards,” says Cardigo.

The Cardigo will be on the market from 2018. We’ll go out on a limb and say this design may be rejected by the UCI should pro cyclists deploy the Cardigo concept on the finish line…