Electric bikes take to the water with new Manta5 hydrofoil concept

Run a waterside bike shop and looking for ways to develop your hire business? A handful of New-Zealand-based entrepreneurs may have just the ticket.

Manta5 is very likely the world’s first electric bike for fresh or saltwater. Capable of 20kmh, the 20kg hydrofoil bike concept enables the rider to pedal straight off the dock out onto the water.

Also available as a manual version, weighing in at 14kg, both builds are said to be transportable within a typical estate car. The modular design packs down, with the carbon fibre components folding inwards.

Founder Guy Howard-Willis reportedly kept the prototype secret for over two years, initially testing the hydrofoil in his local swimming pool.

A price is yet to be determined, but the Manta5 is expected to be on the market by the end of the year. A debut showing is expected at Auckland’s Big Boy Toys convention next month.

Among others taking cycling to the water, the Schiller Bike is another to tie up with numerous hotels around the globe to introduce sea-based cycling to guests.