Charlie Hobbs joins Singletrack and is on the look out for product partners

Charlie Hobbs, better known as former owner of “Bikemonger” retail shop, has now joined Singletrack Magazine as Merchandising Manager and is seeking product manufacturers to collaborate with.

Hobbs explains: “Singletrack is just about the biggest mountain bike media outlet in the world with a whopping great 1.7 million unique internet visitors every month! They are who the industry turns to when they want expert exposure for their products. And that also puts them in an incredibly good position when it comes to selling their own products, other companies’ products, and collaboration products.

“We are looking for clothing companies to buddy up with, produce a co-branded colab’ products such as puffer jackets and stylish base layers, and market these products to our 1.7 million visitors. This is an awesome opportunity as we not only look after the marketing and all its costs, but also the partner brand gets a colossal amount of exposure to our somewhat massive audience. What’s more, we all make a little money.”

Beyond clothing, Singletrack is also interested in unique cycling product collaborations. You can contact Charlie Hobbs via