Colnago acquired by Abu Dhabi firm, Ernesto Colnago remains guiding force

Bicycle manufacturer Colnago has been acquired by Chimera Investments LLC, an Abu Dhabi-based investment firm.

Following its majority share purchase, a spokesperson said Colnago head Ernesto Colnago – will remain on board, guiding new developments.

Ernesto Colnago said: “Chimera Investments will give Colnago the ability to grow and increase its presence in all markets, whilst maintaining and improving the quality of Colnago products. We have a unique opportunity with the support of Chimera to ensure that we continue to build the world’s best bikes well into the future.”

Chimera Investments added: “From all the Fans of Colnago, we would like to thank the master of the design and invention of great bikes Ernesto Colnago, and we would like to follow his path and move forward in his legacy bringing Colnago to a bright future as no one else would. Mister Colnago will always be the Godfather and the guiding force of the new developments.”