COMMENT: Think the cycle industry is brand-led? “People buy people first, the product second”

For a brand and tech-led industry, the thought of people buying people is tantamount to revolutionary thinking. Alf Dunbar leads the revolt.

In the ever-changing and challenging retail market, it’s becoming clear that to survive a business needs to stand out from the crowd. There is only so much a retailer can do with the cost of a product or the overall look of the store, however, a retailer can always affect how a customer feels both during and after they have visited their store and there lies the key.

Imagine you are walking down the main shopping street or that you are in a shopping centre. You suddenly remember there is a product you need. You see a store close by and you think to yourself, “I’ll try in there.” You enter the store and none of the sales staff greets you or offers to help you. After some time, you find the product you need, and you take it to the till. There you experience really poor service. The sales person doesn’t look up at you; they take the product, ring up the price, take your money, return your change, then shout “NEXT” to the customer behind you.

Around a month later you are in that same street or shopping centre and you remember you need that same product again. You see the store where you bought it the last time, but you notice another store that may stock the product a little further away. This time you decide to try in this other store. In this store, you are greeted with a friendly smile and given help to find your product which is the same price as the previous store. You take it to the till and this time you receive really excellent service! The sales person looks up and greets you. They comment on how good the product you bought is, places your change in your hand, smiles and says thank you and goodbye.

The next time you are shopping in that same street or shopping centre and you need that product again, which store would you choose? The first or the second? I’m sure you would say the second. Why? Because People Buy People first the product second – Fact!

Try to think about the last time you received good customer service? If you can remember you will probably remember something about the person. It sticks out in the mind because it’s not the norm.

There is a great quote that goes to the heart of this simple story…


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