CORE Body Temperature seeks to give World Tour athletes a new edge

World Tour cycling teams and coaching professionals are discovering a new method for measuring athlete performance via a new device from of Core Body Temperature.

Core body temperature is a key metric to which performance levels can quickly rise or drop, depending on how close to the perfect level the athlete measures. Up until now, tapping specifically into this metric has not been as straightforward as many desire; but that may now be changing.

The innovation comes from a spin off firm from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and the product developed is designed to be worn in a non-invasive way on the body.

The device addresses the current need for athletes to rely on single use e-pills, swallowed and subsequently used to track core temperature. This approach requires additional equipment and the costs, invasive nature and technical hurdles has limited access for many athletes, say the team at Core.

The innovative Swiss team from greenTEG developed the new patented sensor technology and claim it provides the same level of accuracy of e-pills.

Paired with an algorithm developed with athletic use in mind, the rechargeable device sends real time data back to the team for analysis on the go.

Core Body Temperature’s device will first be used at this year’s Tour De France, which this year runs later than normal, starting on August 29th and running to September 20th.

It is also being utilised by Swiss duathlete and triathlete Ronnie Schildknecht, now an Ambassador to the brand.

He says of the device: “Being able to measure core body temperature and control the intensity on the go accordingly during training and racing is a very important piece of the puzzle to prevent overheating, which will ultimately affect performance to maintain constant power output.”

Core Body Temperature is just one of a handful of product innovations featuring on CI.N this week. Earlier today we wrote on a “breakthrough” chain that claims to up efficiency through dual contact, while yesterday we explored a new approach to helmet design from China.

CORE is available for pre-order and in late September 2020 will be released with the CORE Sports algorithm, designed specifically for athletes with compatibility for key devices and applications. Retail price is set at 250 CHF (ca. EUR 232 / USD 270)