CST Tyres now available in UK via motorcycle distributor

CST Tyres, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Maxxis Tyres parent Cheng Shin, will become available to the UK bike trade via motorcycle tyre distributor Bickers.

The bicycle range features road, city, gravel and mountain bike tyres and, crucially for the bike shop, the margin available to the dealer is said to reach to 63% if stock is pre-ordered now. This also secures what is said to be an exclusive price for future orders too.

As an example of one of the packages available the CST Mountain Bike Bundle features 20 tyres across three patterns, plus 20 tubes, for £373 with an SRP of £641, generating over £260 of profit for the dealer. This bundle features the Big Fat Tyre for exceptional uphill climbing grip, the Rock Hawk tyre for loose, muddy and wet conditions, and the Patrol for technical use across a variety of terrain types.

Contact Bickers on 01394 604040, or through bickers-online.co.uk to place orders.

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