Magura launch webinar platform for dealers on 16 March

Magura Bosch Parts & Services has announced that it is offering a new online alternative to in-person training, in the form of virtual webinars. The first webinar, to be held in English, is scheduled for 16 March, and it will focus on improving the performance of Magura disc brakes.

On its webinar platform, the company will be offering online seminars that are tailored to the needs of dealers. The topics will include service, advice on sales promotions and exclusive presentations of new products.

The aim of the new webinars is to minimize the time and effort required by dealers for training and to provide them with all the information they need.

Participation is easy, and it is possible from anywhere on a PC, tablet or smartphone. Although they are held online, the webinars offer a high level of interaction. Additionally, all of the webinars are live, and participants can communicate with company experts via online chat.

The webinars cover information on products, recommendations for sales talks and tips on technical matters. They are equally addressed to sales and workshop personnel at bicycle dealers, and no prior knowledge is required.

The first webinar, which will take place 16 March, will run for 45 minutes, providing dealers with important information on how to improve the performance of Magura disc brakes.

The experts will provide valuable tips on maintaining disc brakes and give recommendations on #customizeyourbrake tuning parts, in particular rotors, levers and pads. A proper brake setup can not only significantly improve the performance of a disc brake, it can prevent noise, excessive wear and fading.

The team of moderators will feature company experts and ex-downhill pro Jasper Jauch. Area Sales Manager Peter Goldbeck and Content Manager Dominik Voss will provide important information about MAGURA products. The webinar will be held in English.

Additional webinars are being planned, and registration for them will soon be possible. Registration is free for Magura dealers and is easy right now via the platform and the web shop